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Leadwork Specialist

Roofing lead work, wiltshire

We have experienced lead working professionals who are able to fashion lead expertly.

The unique properties of lead as a material mean it is waterproof, strong, and very workable. When correctly used, lead will last for literally hundreds of years. No modern product can match this combination of performance, practicality, durability, and beauty.

We will ensure any leaks are correctly sealed with new lead flashing to your property. Chimneys and roofs that run into walls can often get neglected and lead falls out or tears after years of weathering. We can repair all of these features of your property and secure it from any damage from water.

Decorative lead work around windows and porches add an extra dimension to your property, we can add or replace these with high quality lead.

Lead work is a specialist job and should not be attempted by the novice.